Turner Chiropractic Clinic


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Turner Chiropractic Clinic is located at 1324  Mangrove Avenue, Suite 110 in Chico, CA. Dr.

 Turner graduated from CSUC and  Cleveland Chiropractic College, LA. As a newly licensed Chiropractor, Dr. Turner  decided to open his first Chiropractic office in beautiful Chico, CA in 1977.  Dr. Turner has remained a licensed Chiropractor for over 30 years, having  practiced both in Hawaii, and Chico, CA. As a Chiropractor Dr. Turner has successfully treated thousands  of patients of all ages for headaches and migraines, neck and low back pain,  whiplash injuries, leg pain (Sciatica), numbness and tinglings in the arms  and/or legs, and auto accidents.


Turner Chiropractic Clinic




Richard Turner, D.C.


1324 Mangrove, Suite 110


Chico, CA 95926


Office:  530-342-2111


Fax:  530-342-2116